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Monthly archives: December, 2021

Why Couple Seeks Marriage Counselling?

Psychotherapists in London deal with different types of therapies such cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy and interpersonal therapy. They give counselling to the clients or patients who are suffering from mental diseases. Besides this, they give counselling to the couples, not only to the newlyweds but also to those who are married for years. In relationship therapy in London, the therapists try to solve the conflict between the couple, and clear their issues. The reasons why a couple needs counselling or what are the problems that compel them to visit or hire the counsellor from are as follows:

Lack of trust  –  Close or intimate relationship depends on trust. The couples lay down the foundation of marriage or relationship on trust, and when this mutual trust starts declining, it affects the relationship badly.

Lack of communication – You know the person through communication, but sometimes lack of communication as well as negative communication sows the seed of insecurity and depression; it leaves the partner helpless.

Financial issues and work-related stress – It is better to leave office problems outside the home, discussing workplace problems with your partners does not create good environment at home. Sometime, these types of conversations turn into family conflicts.

Different goal in life – If both the partners are in working field then the difference in ideas and goals are common. They, unknowingly, start living a different life with different values in the haste of achieving their goal. Couple counselling helps both the partners to understand the gravity of their relationship, and save their marriages. Counsellors negotiate their problems,solve their conflict.