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Signs That Indicate Your Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You

There are many who believe in the supreme power. While some name it god, others refer to it as spirit, divine consciousness and energy. No matter what you call it, there is something more powerful, grander and even meaningful than the world where humans survive and that is exactly where the guardian angels thrive.

Known as a gift from the other world, the guardians are spiritual guides who are attached to you ever since your birth. This is where people often find themselves trapped in a common question: do I have a guardian angel how do I know? The answer to this question lies here, as this article decodes the three common signs that indicate your angel is watching over you.

Your Angel is Here To Guide You

As mentioned earlier, there are three important signs that reflect your angel is always there for you, and these are:

  • Dream of being visited by an entity: In the state of dream, one is never guarded by the idea of unbelievable or unknown. This is what makes it a common medium for the angels to communicate with you in the form of a glimpse of something extraordinary, deep and meaningful conversations and visions of the future and warnings.
  • Unexplainable experiences: In many cases, the guardian angel guidance might be there with you beyond the substantial or physical presence. This particularly depends on how you are able to conceive their messages, and the things that they want to show you. Since other-worldly entities are capable of absorbing energies, the room might become cold when they are around or you may feel a pressure or tingling sensation on your skin.
  • You have louder intuition: Pay close attention to your own thoughts, are they louder than before. This is probably because a voice that wants your best is trying to guide you towards the right path