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Reasons To Consider Soil Nailing For Site Improvement

When constructing a building on a premium land, more so if it is on a coastal corridor, it becomes imperative to consider site improvement as a major factor. The pre-construction development planning must include various ground modification techniques that help in building strong sites for unwavering buildings. Many improved techniques and traditional solutions with innovative adaptations make this possible. Soil nailing is one such technique that is an effective tool of a site development requirement.

soil nailing team

  • Before undertaking soil-nailing process, it is important to consider the design. If a site needs removal of any steep slope or just binding the underneath soil together to create tension and resist pressure, soil nailing is considered. This would provide the necessary support during construction as well as excavation of the site.
  • When the nails are extended like anchors, they provide term stability that improves the structure of the excavated site
  • The levels of soil nails needed will depend on how deep the foundation needs to go. Some projects require as deep as eight levels of soil nails with horizontal placement, through holes drilled in the soil to accommodate anchor bars in the upper and lower levels.
  • The advantage of nailing the wall is that it is a cost effective method of creating adequate building space for new sites.
  • Apart from these, soil-nailing techniques are useful for landslides and slope stabilization since they provide earth retention for parking structures, buildings, deep cuts, tunnels etc.
  • Since soil-nailing equipment is relatively small, they are good for negotiating restricted access. These can also be installed from working platforms that are crane-suspended, if existing retaining walls or steep slopes are to be worked upon.
  • Some professional geotechnical engineering firms use 3D modelling extensively to avoid conflict between other earth retention techniques and soil nailing.
  • The use of such techniques ensures safety of buried utilities, where more than one techniqueis used in complex projects.
  • Experienced and professional contractors offer one-stop design, supply, installation and testing solution for soil nailing stabilisation projects. This means that you do not have to worry about hiring several contractors for a single job.

Soil nailing, is thus, an important aspect to consider when thinking of site improvement.