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Unique Way To Send Wishes

There was a time when people sent letters and printed cards to wish someone. These cards were bought according to the person’s interest and the occasion.People also used to design cards by themselves for their beloved ones to get it a personal touch. But what if you can wish your beloved ones yourselves by being in front of them. Yes, it’s possible with custom video greeting cards. LCD greeting card comes with a battery and storage according to the need of the people and has  display where in video can be played. You can create your video and store it on this card and send it to your loved ones and surprise them.


They are environment friendly when compared to traditional paper greeting cards. They are versatile because of the digital content and can be personalized as per your choice. It looks like any normal card from outside but it has a display inside it. The video starts playing as soon as the card is opened. Depending upon the storage capacity, a video of considerably long duration can be uploaded. The message can be either a video or a presentation that can be prepared by snippets.

One better thing is that videos of any format can be uploaded without any additional software to be installed. This unique way of greeting comes with a rechargeable battery as well. Uploading the video is very simple as you can connect with any USB device and copy your new video and also you can delete the old and unwanted files.

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